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Bobbi Jo Brooks in the Press

2007 – Genema Gallery – Atlanta, GA – Waves of Restoration – Solo Show

September 2010 – Arts ATL – Review: Blake Beckham wrestles with “American Muscle” at Eyedrum

April 2011 – Participated in a Group Art Show – Berlin, Germany

September 2011 – Creative Loafing ATL – Shaken stirs up a cocktail of James Bond and dance

December 2011 – Published image in print edition of Jezebel Magazine

November 2011 – Portraits of Mystery – Genema Gallery – Altanta, GA Solo Show

November 2011 – Creative Loafing ATL – A photographer chases after the Dance Truck

October 2011 – Creative Loafing Dance Review: Shaken

December 2011 – Burnaway – On Beasts and Dancers: Atlanta Artists Bring Identity into the Mix

February 2012 – Atlanta Show Guide (Cover and featured artist) – The artistry of master photographer Bobbi Jo Brooks

Mentioned in this Atlanta Show Guide PDF

May 2012 – The Atlantan Print Edition

May 2012 – The Atlantan – Samuel L. Jackson, The Atlantan – Phylicia Rashad

August 2012 – Burnaway – Lucky Penny’s Threshold, a Balance of Control and Primal Forces

August 2012 – ArtsAtl – Review: Blake Beckham’s riveting, remarkable journey across a cardboard “Threshold”

November 2012 – Dance Studio Life – Mentioned in regards to my interdisciplinary collaboration with Dance Truck “Portraits of Mystery”

December 2012 – ArtsAtl – The year in review: Atlanta dance goes “Off the Edge” with innovation, new voices

October 2013 – International Arts Movement

August 2014 – Artist Spotlight Plywood People

Blake Beckham Dance

Helen Hale Dance

The Lucky Penny

January 2014 – ArtsATL – Year in review

Brehm Experience Spring 2014 

May 2014 Dance Informa

June 9, 2014 ArtsATL Behind the Scenes

July 2014 Arts ATL Preview Dearly Departures Lucky Penny

Hoga AKTIV · April 2016, page 12-13

Fall 2016 – One day Show RAW Tempo Room

July 2016 – In // Between group show at Green Hill Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Bobbi Jo has participated in several group art shows at Genema Gallery over the past 11 years

August 2017 – In // Between #2 group show at Green Hill Gallery, Berlin, Germany

August 2017 – Three of my works were were accepted into 2017 Songzhuang International Photo Biennale (Songzhuang Photo), Beijing, China.

Coming December 2018  – Gallery Show in development with Victor Alaluf at Green Hill Gallery

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