Bobbi Jo Brooks Studio » Berlin Artist - Photographer and Painter

Fine Art

Portraits of Mystery Artist Statement ““Until recently, my photography has focused on creating clear and straightforward portraiture, but I want to go deeper. I want to create images that encourage the viewer to spend time discovering what the images are really about (what the subject matter really is). I want to focus on the mystery created by the motion of dance that often our human eye misses but the camera captures, while maintaining elements of the human form with the goal of pulling the viewer into the movement. Portraits of Mystery is inspired by the artists and dancers of Dance Truck.”   Work shown at Genema Gallery Atlanta, 2011.

Up, Up, and Away was held on November 15, 2014 in Atlanta, GA as a night of remembrance of the short life here and the long life to come.  This one-night interactive art installation gave an opportunity to honor the lives of children lost to miscarriage or still birth.  The work was inspired by Tracy Lee Hammer.

Waves of Restoration – A photo essay showing a small village in India rebuilding after the 2004 Tsunami.  Work show at Genema Gallery in Atlanta in 2007.